Hops & Sessions
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Livermore’s Only Self-Pour Tap Room

28 beers on tap, 2 local wines on tap

Mon – Wed 11:30a – 10p
Thurs 11:30a – 11p
Fri-Sat 11:30a – 12a
Sun: 11:30a – 10p

*Kitchen closes 1 hour prior to close.

It’s So Easy

Self-Pour at Hops & Sessions

1. Select & Tap

After you check-in at the front desk you’ll get your own wristband. Select your beer and tap your wristband to the Hops & Sessions logo (bottom right of the tap frame)

Self-Pour at Hops & Sessions

2. Choose Your Pour Amount

We have preset ounce amounts to choose from or pick any preset and simply pour the amount you like. Your pour amount will show right on the screen when you’re done pouring.

Self-Pour at Hops & Sessions

3. Enjoy & Repeat

Whether you’re trying a few ounces of a new beer or going all in on a pint of your favorite, it’s all up to you. Ready for another beer?
Just waiting on you!

We’d love your beer input!

Your input counts. Let us know what beers you’d like to see on tap at Hops & Sessions.

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